Friday, December 09, 2005

Twenty-five years

The email newsletter from our favorite New York City Irish rock band, Black 47, arrived today with some poetic words from leader Larry Kirwan:

"How strange! Twenty-five years since John Lennon was murdered and, next May, the same anniversary for Bobby Sands. So much passion, so much idealism swept away, to be replaced by what? Is rock & roll even a pale shadow of itself now? Can you imagine Lennon allowing this travesty in Iraq to go without some howl to the heavens? Or am I missing out on something? Are there great songs, that I'm not hearing, protesting the fact that working class kids are again being sent off by rich chicken-hawks in DC to be killed and maimed? Oh well, it's time for me to get back to Fox TV and find out how Mrs. Clinton justifies her vote for invasion now that the polls are showing that the people have finally woken up to the lies and deceit of the current governing parcel of rogues...."