Sunday, December 18, 2005

Disneyland Babylon

We love Disneyland.

Its history, mythology and vision are fascinating insights into American pop culture and American dreamers. (The epilogue of Tabloid Baby was written there.)

But most of all, we love the dark side of Disneyland: the alternative history, the secret goings-on--the crimes, the deaths, the disasters and the tragedies. Mostly we like to read about them.

There are lots of great websites like Laughing Place , Mouse Planet and The Unauthorized Anti-Disney Page and books like David Koenig’s Mouse Tales series, dedicated to the place and all the horrors, embarrassments, cover-ups and secrets behind the Mickey mask.

Now, Tabloid Baby joins the fun!

We will keep up with and pass along news from the Happiest Place on Earth.

Because it really is. The Happiest Place, we mean. First up:

Los Angeles Times
Dec. 18, 2005

Chemical Cloud Injures Worker at Disneyland

By Daniel Yi
Times Staff Writer

A Disneyland employee was taken to a hospital Saturday after being exposed to a chemical cloud in the park's maintenance area, an Anaheim fire official said.

The incident came a day after three Disney employees from the adjacent California Adventure park were treated at a hospital and released after one of them inadvertently mixed two chemicals in a water treatment center for one of the park attractions…

A resin mixture unexpectedly produced smoke, said Maria Sabol, a spokeswoman for the Anaheim Fire Department. The resin is used to repair various fiberglass rides at Disneyland, she said. Eight park employees were evaluated by paramedics, she said. One, who suffered from asthma, complained of breathing problems and was taken to a hospital….

On Saturday, fire officials closed the Disneyland Railroad ride, which loops around the park, for three hours because of the chemical smoke.

"It was more of a precaution," Sabol said. "No visitors were affected" by the smoke and the rest of the park remained opened.

Sabol said the investigation into the cause of the accident would be left to Disneyland park officials…


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