Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Scheer's back-- in a Huff!

We got an email this morning from Robert Scheer, the lefty columnist fired by the LA Times a few weeks ago.

He's bounced back with another lefty "web magazine."

"Truthdig" looks to be a lot like his pal Arianna Huffington's blogsite, without all the annoying, moronic celebrities.

Random words from the inaugural homepage:

Iraq... Saddam... Venezuela... Fidel Castro... white phosphorous... agonistes... sexual freedom... homosexuality... Alito... Frist... China... athiest... toxic spill...

You get the picture. Village Voice stuff. And lots of journalists who don't get on Fox News. So good for Scheer. He's always been sincere. He's a good read. And he sticks up for the little guy. Unlike those assholes, John & Ken. And Sean Hannity!

Best of luck. The more points of view the better.

Here's a link to Truthdig.

And here's the email release:

Truthdig.com - Drilling Beneath the Headline

truthdig.com focuses on in-depth coverage of current affairs

Los Angeles... This morning at the stroke of midnight, truthdig.com, a new Web magazine, launched its inaugural issue promising to provide its readers with provocative content and in-depth coverage of current affairs.

Co-Founder and Editor Robert Scheer, the award winning journalist, commented on the launch: "In this hyper-linked, blog-filled, talk-show-dominated world, it is increasingly difficult to find stories with depth, told by those who know their topic best." "We know that there will always be people who are digging for the truth and if we respect a story and present it in a clear way, it will find an audience."

Truthdig.com is the brainchild of Scheer and co-founder Zuade Kaufman, a former journalist who has long wanted to create a new publication. "A media outlet that is free to dig deep -- to ask the questions that remain unasked -- to raise the issues that remain hidden --- to bring attention to the stories that remain invisible -- that's what we are trying to create."

The site's purpose is to provide a variety of thoughtful, provocative content assembled from a progressive point of view. The site is built around major "digs," led by authorities in their fields, who will "drill" down into contemporary topics and assemble packages of content -- text, links, audio, video -- that will grow richer with time and user participation. The inaugural issue's featured Dig is China: Boom or Boomerang? by Asia expert Orville Schell.

To offer frequent change to its readers, truthdig.com also presents a diversity of original reporting and aggregated content culled by the site's editors and staff. This material is divided into categories.

The inaugural issue offers the following compelling selections:

UNCOVERED -- Dossiers of ongoing news subjects -- including GOP supporter Jack Abramoff, the Alito Nomination and the Frist File.

EAR TO THE GROUND -- Robert Scheer's weekly column and his take on other issues in the news.

REPORTS -- Original articles and opinion pieces unique to truthdig. com. This week's features include Iraq expert Juan Cole's article Hussein's Facing Charges, But Will Rumsfield Be on Trial? a behind the story look at Saddam Hussein's trial and Chicago Agonistes: The Plight of the Los Angeles Times, by former Times Editor Steve Wasserman.

A/V BOOTH -- Audio interviews, video clips, photo essays and more. Features include Inside Chavez's Venezuela by Sharmini Peries, journalist turned foreign policy advisor to Venezuela President Hugo Chavez and It's War, Not Hollywood by former Florida Guardsman and author John Crawford.

Editor Bob Scheer, when asked what motivated the creation of the site, refers to legendary media critic A.J. Liebling's quote, "Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one."


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THe A/V Booth--how delightfully retro or how dumb-ass clueless. Sinking like a stone.