Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bah! Humbug! No Christmas present from Blanco!

To the certain disappointment of thousands of children, it appears that performance artist Joaquin Blanco will not top last year’s massive “Garbage Cane” Christmas art installation with a new work of art in L.A.’s Westchester neighborhood.

A reader reports on his conversation with the tabloid prankster:

“Peggy Hippdom, mentioned in last year's press release as Blanco's longtime companion, has put her foot down. A massive canister lid sculpture (Blanco always tries to reuse old pieces), mounted on the house roof depicting a 40-foot Rudolph peering over the top, was rejected. Blanco spent four nights on the couch before relenting and agreeing to string only five sets of lights from Sav-on. He's devastated and has returned to his other job as a handyman to the stars. However, I get the impression there might be some mischief in his future. Just don't tell Hippdom.”

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