Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Kate Moss Topless Dance

A mystery clip, in celebration of her "recovery"
and certain return to tabloid headlines.

CLICK HERE to dance along with Kate Moss


BaCaNTi said...

She's got a cover on a French magazine called L'espresso (?) with a similar pose.

Caught me off-guard when I looked at my coffee table after my sister came back from Nice, France... to see an exposed Kate Moss.

I couldn't read French so I didn't understand what that mag was about.

eda said...


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I can say this is art, sometimes people think that's immoral so I think it's the best representation of art we can get, we should open our eyes to it.

Sinclare said...

I have not seen those paintings of Kate Moss, she is so beautiful and I have seen her on some xl pharmacy ads and she looks amazing!