Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Darin tribute is an Art Vargas showcase

Yes, Las Vegas has a superstar in the wings. Art Vargas has been bubbling under for years now, portraying Bobby Darin in the popular Legends show while working his own band The Swank Set in various lounges and bistros around town. A look at his show-- as we've given you more than once-- reveals talent and charisma that recall the legendary Rat Pack aura but stand alongside the best of today's one-man shows from Michael Bublé to Robbie Williams. This clip from Legends shows that what's ostensibly a "Bobby Darin impersonation" is actually a display of an equally talented showman, Art Vargas. Among the magicians, musical impressionists (for whom we have great admiration) and comedians, surely there's a Strip resort with a showroom for this Las Vegas classic.


Lori S said...

No doubt about it, ART VARGAS is one swinging showman. His vintage Vegas performance is incredible!!

Bridget said...

I've seen Art Vargas multiple times now, in multiple venues, and each performance seems better then the last. Thanks for bringing back old Vegas, Art!