Monday, November 10, 2008

OJ Simpson & the nude Cheetah Girl

Weird connections in the world of tabloid fame and they always seem to go back to Tabloid Baby. We'd never heard of this Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon though we know of The Cheetah Girls, since our kids watch them on the Disney Channel and we've got a special affection for Disney culture, but she's the third Disney Girl to get caught up in a nude or sexy photo scandal in the past year or so (Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens being the others-- so far). Adrienne is 25, which makes her a little old to be a Disney teen star, so she may have orchestrated this to move her into the adult leagues, but the other connections are more interesting. The naked Adrienne photos that showed up online were supposedly stolen from her laptop, and meant for the eyes of her boyfriend, Robert Kardashian, Jr., who happens to be the son of OJ Simpson's late friend Robert Kardashian, the guy who carried Simpson's bag-- and murder evidence-- away from his home the morning after Simpson's wife and friend were found murdered. And Robert Jr.'s sister is Kim Kardashian, the celebutard who got famous through an Internet porn video-- and who's best known for having a huge ass. So look what Adrienne is displaying in the pictures for Kim's kid brother.

OJ's awaiting sentencing that could put him away for the rest of his life. Tabloid Baby tells the inside story of OJ and Kardashian, while the book's epilog was written in Disneyland. It always goes back to Tabloid Baby.

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