Friday, November 07, 2008

The New 30: "I was prostate with laughter!"

Eric Cohen's play The New 30 had its final try-out run at The Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip last night, and this third run-through of the comedy about the Baby Boomers' search for the Fountain of Youth was its most successful yet. Veteran comic Alan Bursky wore the material like a second skin, and had the select crowd in stitches throughout. This is a role this roly-poly Everyman has waited a career to inhabit, and it's no surprise his solo performance stint has led to a career resurgence comparable only to Jackie Mason in The Eighties.

But we've been repeating the same raves ever since the producers-- our pals at Frozen Pictures-- gave us a sneak look at rehearsals. So we got a comp ticket for our contributor and sometime PR man Sam Peters, who came down from the Alto-Nido Apartments in Hollywood to give us a review like used to do when he worked for Winchell and Rona. Take it, Sam:

"The New 30 had me prostate with laughter! Prostate? Get it? Because prostates and turkey necks, breast implants and tiny blue pills are the core of Eric Cohen's side-splitting satire about the fight against getting old! ... Alan Bursky should be renamed Alan Killsky! Because he kills with the material! ... This gregarious gagster had me gagging with glee with his knowing knocks on sagging breasts and saggy bottoms!... His Keith Richards rap had me roaring! ...The Phil Spector wig-out was a wonder! ...Never mind the ring toss joke!... Who is this guy? Why isn't he on the wall of fame like London Lee or Stanley Myron Handleman? ... And Eric Cohen should take bow! ... I remember him as a stand-up at the Playboy Club in the Seventies! His Mort Sahl-Morty Gunty mix has matured into a master's comedy thesis on a the new Geritol Generation!... Edgy yet never blue! ...Fun for all ages! ...No knock on The great Killsky, but I see this as a play that could be performed around the world on stages, in clubs, on cruise ships-- of which some I rep and will be in contact with... and Vegas! ...Move over, Menopause The Musical! The New 30 is in Town!"

Thanks to Sam Peters. Stay tuned here for an update on what's next for The New 30. We hear it may have soon a residency in a place that folks from all over the world will be able to drop in and laugh.

Photographer Jim Sheehan snapped away from the balcony.

Playwright Eric Cohen watches from the back of the house.

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