Friday, November 28, 2008

Arrest but no motive in newswoman murder

Police in Little Rock, Arkansas have arrested a suspect in the bizarre, savage beating of television news reporter Anne Pressley.

Curtis Lavelle Vance of Marianna, Arkansas was arrested on an "anonymous tip." He looks like a suspect. Except he's got no police record, save for a suspended driver's license from traffic violations and a DUI.

And police have no motive.

Says police lieutenant Terry Hastings:

"It appears to be a random accident. Vance was not stalking.

"We don't think there's any connection there. We think it's an opportunity that he saw. May have seen Anne at a gas station or some place else and simply followed her and took advantage of the situation there. But we can't find any connection between these two at all."

But they have the 28-year suspect, and you can bet they'll find a motive.

Popular, lovely Anne, 26, read and reported the news on KATV. She'd gotten national attention in life for an ambush interview of Vice Peesident Dick Cheney in a gun shop and a role in Oliver Stone's movie, W. She was attacked in her home last month. The attacker broke every bone in her face. Her left hand was also broken, which means she probably fought back. Her mom found her. Anne lived five days but was never able to speak.

Police like to get confessions and convictions in cases like this.

(UPDATE: Police say they've tied Vance to the crime through DNA evidence from a rape case he's being arrested in. They won't say if Anne was raped.)

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