Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why are we making a hero out of this asshole?

The image of flight attendant Steven Slater telling JetBlue passengers to f--- off before sliding down an emergency slide with a couple of bottles of beer in his hand made him an obvious tabloid figure, but it's surprising to see that this example of airline arrogance and incompetence has been turned into some kind of working class hero when he's more a symbol of all that's wrong with air travel the past ten years, and an airline industry that treats customers as badly in the sky as they do on the ground, overbooking and canceling flights, charging us for blankets, food and maybe even the toilet while tossing us half bags of peanuts and telling us we ought to be grateful.


Kings Farmer said...

While I sympathize with all flight attendants who have to put up with the horrible behavior of some passengers, this guy was a Burn-Out long before the woman on this day gave him crap.
So, this clown wants to make a dramatic exit and puts the ramp crew in danger. Grabbing the beers for his "flight" was another foolish thing to do.
Now I hear this jerk-off wants to go back to being a flight attendant.
No insurance company would allow that.
F**k him.

Anonymous said...

He ain't MY hero. That's our pathetic society anymore--all this political correctness and tolerance to protect the assholes. In this great era of 'change', our celebrities and heros are now reality show idiots and drug infested felons in sports. Ooh, ooh, yeah, and Lindsay Lohan.