Thursday, August 12, 2010

Readers back Donald Duck groper

A woman from Pennsylvania is suing Disney, claiming she was groped at its Epcot Center by a cast member dressed in a Donald Duck costume.

We like the responses the story got from readers of The Daily Mail in England and Orlando's Channel 13 website. Not a lot of sympathy for the plaintiff:


I would have just smacked his beak and stamped on his webbed feet.
- Sugarbell, Wolverhampton

Did she ever wonder about the cast member inside? Donald is 5"1 at his highest, how many men do you know that are that small, or is she claiming that a woman molested her???? in those outfits you have tunnel vision, and lose most of your senses. Just sombody trying to make a fast buck
- Holly, Northampton

How pathetic, when is this whole 'claims' culture going to end? Flashbacks and 'digestive' problems - come on - who are you trying to kid?!
- Jane, London

He's welcome to touch both of my breasts for £32,000.
- George, Brighton

Naughty Donald!!
Another one on the bandwagon!! Fancy having to stand up in court and accusing Donald Duck of molesting you. This is too funny!!
- Nick, Birmingham

Surely the Duck deserves anonymity until the case is over?
- kerry livermore, London, England


jdoe wrote:
What a load. This cant be real. What a white trash low-life to try and say that a guy in a full costume touched you. You can barely see in those things, let alone the fact that most of the disney cast member emloyees are homosexual, not being offensive, it is actually true.

John wrote:
Give me a break, all this woman wants is money for nothing at all. More than likely she thinks Disney will roll over and play dead. I hope they go to court and the judge throws out this frivilous law suit and then puts her in jail for contempt of court! Why 2 years later? This is a SCAM nothing more.

Allie wrote:
Ok who is paying her bill's is she on welfare. or is it just 6 diffrent baby's daddys.

gloria wrote:
Bear ..I doubt if you would've gotten away with decking a Disney character. You must have run away really fast

Ocean wrote: J
ust one more Crock of " _hit" again with someone looking for a payoff. He could sure do alot of groping with those gloves on. The best part is she is so devastated she can't work,GIVE ME A BREAK!

John L. wrote:
Roast that sucker. MAKE HIM WELL DONE.

Thapper wrote:
This case isn't what it's quacked up to be. Sounds like this lady is a little Goofy. Did Huey, Dewie and Louie dress up like Michael Jackson and molest her kids?

Bear wrote:
My wife was groped by one of the Disney Chipmunks in 1980, I decked his butt. He first grabbed her breast while we were taking a posed photo and she thought it may have been an accidental touch until he grabbed her butt before moving away. So I hit him once, really hard. I think he got the message.

Jim wrote:
I hope hippo lady gets what she deserves- a prison sentence for perjury and a bill from Disney lawyers for defending this rediculous lawsuit.

Keep your job wrote:
No freer lonch for you phony. Can't peform your job liar That suit Donald is so big , he couldn't feel an apple in his hands if he wanted to. Did you perform anything else in those two years ? phony.

ric wrote:
What did he do? Rip her breast off so she can't strip anymore?

alice wrote:

Cathy wrote:
What a bunch of hooey. Another citizen wanting a FREE LUNCH. Two years and she cannot work. GARBAGE.You and your lawyer should be thrown out of court and charged for the aggravation you caused. Get a life and move on.. You make us all SICK...FREELOADER..You are a disgrace to your family. Steve wrote: Now she can't perform her job? How hard is it to say, "Would you like fries with that?"

Roger Ortkiese wrote:
Two years this women has took to sue the disney corp. Come on lady. Another unwarranted law suit. That will most likely just raise the price of admisson for the rest of us. Like we can afford it now..

Anna wrote:
Has this woman ever worn one of those costumes? You can barely see & there is no way the person could have felt anything. She sounds like a person who has emotional issues and should seek counseling. Donald Duck’ accused of groping woman at Epcot?????????????

Molly wrote:
What a moron.....those characters touch people all day long...she just wants "lifetime passes"!!!

Give Me a Brek wrote:
First of all, Donald is never alone. He is with escorts that watch his every move. Second, Donald is usually a woman because they can't find many men that small. Third, these characters have very limited field of vision and touch. It's next to impossible to 'grope' anybody in these costumes. Third, why did she wait two years?? Why did she not report it immediately? Because it never happened.

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