Friday, August 13, 2010

Redmond O'Neal completes drug rehab

Farrah Fawcett's drug addict son Redmond O'Neal has completed a year-long court-ordered drug rehab program.

Redmond O'Neal's father, the troubled actor Ryan O'Neal, was not there to watch the 25-year-old graduate yesterday from the hardcore treatment.

Redmond was among a "class" of seventeen drug or DUI convicts in Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Tynan's courtroom. He hugged the judge before speaking at the emotional ceremony.

"I just wanted to thank Judge Tynan and tell everyone how much I appreciate everything you have done for me," he said. "To the newcomers, you do this. That's it."


The courtroom was filled with friends and family members of graduates.

Redmond's latest try at rehab try began last September after a stint in jail that stemmed from a January 2008 drug arrest and a probation violation.

Now that he's completed the program, Redmond's criminal record will be expunged and is free to move out of the court-ordered sober living facility.

He inherited about $4.5 million after his mother died in June 2009.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck, Redmond! ... Stay sober and continue to make your mother PROUD! ...

Now go out there, and take control of what is yours! ... Get rid of the leaches, and honor your mother's memory, and legacy!



Cathy said...

Yes, I agree Good Luck Redmond! Staying sober and free from drugs is the most important thing you can do. And do it for yourself. Yes, your mother would be proud, but she would want you to continue to do this for you!

If at some point in the future you want to honor her memory with something that YOU can do, that would be great. Congratulations!

Drug Rehab said...

Right! I agree. In fact, becoming free from drugs will give people more life.. It's the work of the devil if he continues to be hooked into drugs. Good to know that he is now free!

Anonymous said...

What a sad, tragic story this has all been. But unlike his mom's, Redmond's disease is one he can beat. I hope he does. Sometimes a great loss can strengthen a family and bring them closer--I also hope that happens for them.
Good Luck and prayers,

Nikki said...

I hope the best for him.

italia said...

I want to thank Tabloid Baby for keeping us abreast of Redmond's task and printing such a beautiful and sweet image of FArrah. It was all emotional for us when his mother passed, knowing Redmond was in straits, here's hoping he will stick to it. Thanks Tabloid Baby

Anonymous said...

Tabloid Baby ... Did you not know that Farrah Fawcett's father, James W. Fawcett, passed away last Monday, December 23rd??? If so, I'm surprised you didn't put up a posting. If not, you know now!

Rest in peace, Mr. Fawcett ... you are now with your Angels!

Redmond, more reason now to stay sober! ... You are the ONLY one left of Farrah's blood!


Anonymous said...

Did not know Mr. Fawcett died. Sad. RIP, sir.

Syed Ahmed said...

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