Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rich Little's wife an apparent suicide

Rich Little says he found a suicide note along with the body of his wife in the bedroom of their dreamhouse in the Lake Sahara section of Las Vegas on Thursday. Marie Marotta apparently ended her life with an overdose of sleeping pills.

The report comes out of the 71-year-old impersonator's hometown, Ottawa, Canada, where his longtime friend, retired broadcaster Gord Atkinson, says that Marotta suffered from severe migraine headaches that sometimes "knocked her out for days.

"She left him a loving note and said that she couldn't go on."

Marotta was 45. She became Little's third wife when she married him in Hawaii in 2003. She was active in many humanitarian efforts, including working with the homeless, children in need and abused animals, and this year was inducted into the Las Vegas Walk of Stars.

Las Vegas gossip Norm Clarke quotes a "friend":

"'They've had a tough year,' alluding to Marotta's medical issues, their purchase of a dream home at the height of the local real estate run-up and a dropoff in his headliner bookings in the last decade."

Atkinson say Rich Little is "absolutely devastated."

Services are set for 11 a.m. Wednesday at Palm Mortuary on Eastern Avenue.

Rich Little made tabloid television history in 1992 when he was sued by his former girlfriend, Vegas magician Melinda Saxe, for allegedly making a secret videotape of them having sex.


Anonymous said...

My condolences and deepest sympathy to Rich Little at this very painful time. My sister also suffered for days on end with terrible migraines. Endless doctor visits but to no avail. She, too, ended her life as her pain was unbearable. Please stay strong, Mr. Little. For those of us who have endured the passing of a loved one's life which ended too soon by their own decision,we must accept that they are now out of pain and at peace. Much love, strength, and support to you...from another Las Vegas resident.

Anonymous said...

My belated condolences to Mister Little. She was a lovely lady who deserved a much better fate, not to mention a longer life. If only those Doctors at the Mayo Clinic could have helped Mrs. Little and others like her. How very tragic.

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