Friday, July 23, 2010

The Prima torch is passed to Art Vargas

Louis Prima gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Sunday and Art Vargas will be at the Rampart Casino August 20, 21 and 22. Bookers for showrooms on the Strip, from the Imperial Palace to the Tropicana, and lounge stages from Cleo's Barge to La Cabaret, should be on hand to book this Vegas veteran with a show that mixes vintage Vegas swing with modern hipster cachet.


Anonymous said...

The Prima torch is passed to Art Vargas?? Hardly.

The torch went to Prima's son, Louis Prima, Jr. You can see him performing on the Vegas strip, not at the Rampart. I drove out to LA to see the Walk of Fame ceremony, and Prima, Jr. is performing there, too.

Art Vargas may be a fine performer (I have no idea) but he's no Louis Prima!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. Go Louis Jr!

Lori S said...

Obviously, both Louis Prima Jr. and Lena Prima do great shows to honor of their dad. But don't discount the talent of Art Vargas, he's a very talented entertainer who puts everything he has in to keeping the great music of the past alive including the music of Louis Prima, Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis and all of the other greats who performed during the golden years in Vegas. I'm just glad that all of these entertainers are doing what they do so that we can enjoy them and the music they perform!