Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hines, Hines & Dad



oh boy...they were wonderful. and gregory...remember him in his heyday. astonishing jazz RIFFS..with his FEET.
often they didn't even seem to MOVE, and continued to make sounds like gosh. i don't know. like a heavenly cross between lionel hampton, and buddy rich.

Anonymous said...

Nevard said it so well. When I first saw film of "Hines, Hines & Dad" moving, I reverently stayed still and just watched--and listened. Magic.
First seeing Gregory just walk across a room made me say, Who is this guy?! I felt clumsy just sitting as he did his thing. He was in control in a classy fluid way. We lost him waaaaay too soon.
Gregory's talent inspired me to look at where he came from. How cool was it to have been known as The Hines Kids, then, as Gregory and his brother, Maurice, and the other "Kid," their Dad, got older, they changed their stage name to The Hines Brothers. In the early sixties they became Hines, Hines & Dad.
Gregory and I were born in the same year (1946), and in the late sixties and seventies I spent a lot of time in Harlem, and got to meet one of Dad's contemporaries, Honi Coles, who ran the talent at the Apollo. Cool cat, also. Great mover. He's gone, too. Hoofers, man. Artists all.