Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exclusive! Brett Hudson declared cancer-free!

Brett Hudson, once and future Hudson Brother, and one of our pals at Frozen Pictures, announced minutes ago that his two-year battle against throat cancer has ended in success.

"I got my scan results today and they were negative. No cancer and no tumor. It's hard to believe but I'm actually done with treatment," Hudson wrote tonight on the Brett's Blog page of the website that promotes The Klinik, the Frozen Pictures documentary project about alternative cancer treatments.

"I will continue my vitamin C and UVB treatments because they will help me recover faster. The nurse who takes my blood said it's amazing that I beat it twice without surgery. I told her it's thanks to The Klinik in Germany. I feel kind of strange. I've been living with this for almost two years and it's over. I want to seriously thank everyone for their prayers and positive thoughts, that is the best medicine there is."

Hudson's battle has put nary a bump in his production output, while at the same time he's returned to the performing spotlight with appearances with his brother Mark at Beatles fan fests around the country. He made headlines earlier this month when he detailed his cancer battle at the NY Metro Fest for Beatles Fans forum on his new film, The Seventh Python. He recently completed a brutal chemotherapy and radiation regimen that fans and fellow cancer patients followed through his blogs, and his clean bill of health clears the stage for a potential Hudson Brothers reunion.

Tonight, he concluded:

"I will promise you this, I will not stop until we fix our medical system.

"Pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, hospitals and doctors, here we come!

"Tonight I shall celebrate with several martinis. Just don't tell my doctor."


AwthrAwthr said...

Congratulations, Brett. Great job! Natural is the only way to go. I know because I beat my own Stage 4 cancer with a simple recipe.
Let's keep spreading the word.

My latest blog is

Anonymous said...

Brilliant news!

Anonymous said...

Sooo happy for you, Brett! We got the same good news ourselves today. Keep your health as the #1 priority, do what you're doing, and always stay positive. Laugh as much as you can, too! : )

Jeff said...

Mr. Hudson! What phenomenal news, really.

FYI - I sent the link for your Klinik blog to Peter Tork (via facebook). You may know that he's currently recovering from cancer surgery. Both you and Peter have shown the healing power of humor - thanks for documenting your journey.

Anonymous said...

Brett, I am SO very happy for you Sweetheart! You did it Baby!

Love You!


Our prayers have been answered.... Thank you DEAR JESUS for healing my dear friend..

Keith Walker

Ann said...

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Anonymous said...

I was saddened just a minute ago when I first read about this and now am thrilled to hear the great news! Glad I kept researching online, hoping to find some update. I came across a Chucky Margolis skit on YouTube while looking for something else and read the news in a comment someone posted. You still are my favorite Hudson!!!! Glad to hear all is well.

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sooo happy, congratulation, the health is priority