Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Natasha Richardson

Christmastime 1993. Actor Ralph Fiennes starts popping up at restaurants and eateries in and around Beverly Hills in the weeks following the opening in limited release of the film Schindler's List (based on the book Schindler's Ark by Aussie Thomas Keneally, who wrote a character based on Tabloid Baby's author in his book Jacko The Great Intruder) in which his turn as a Nazi SS officer has introduced him to Hollywood in a big way and will score him an Academy Award nomination. Weeks later, as awards season approaches, he shows up in the bar lounge of The Four Seasons Hotel, sitting across from Liam Neeson, who played his nemesis Schindler. At Neeson's side is his wife, Natasha Richardson. Someone says something witty and she laughs and her, laugh is big and loud, honking and bawdy and filling the room, not at all refined or polite or even ladylike and we all get a big kick out of it-- as much as the sight of Oskar Schindler sharing a drink with Amon Göth a few blocks from Nate & Al's. We've remembered her laugh fifteen years now.

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