Thursday, March 19, 2009

Garotas Show de Bola! Cloud 9 a hit in sexy Brazil!

Garotas Show de Bola!

Congratulations to our pals at Frozen Pictures! A little more than a week before they bring their acclaimed nonfiction musical film The Seventh Python to the New York audience at the New York Metro Fest for Beatles Fans comes word that their classic Oscar®-connected motion picture comedy Cloud 9 has conquered yet another international territory!

Brazil is the latest nation to embrace the sexy beach volleyball stripper comedy starring Burt Reynolds, D.L. Hughley, Paul Rodriguez, Angie Everhart, Kathryn Winnick, Tony Danza, Tom Arnold Jeff Altman, Rick Overton and Gary Busey and written and produced by Frozen's Brett Hudson and Burt Kearns along with Academy Award® winner Albert S. Ruddy.

And the Brazilians wax enthusiastic, describing Garotas Show de Bola like this:

Sinopse: Quando o fracassado Billy Cole vai almoçar em um lugar nada convencional - um clube de strippers- ele não vai apenas pelo show e sim para se divertir com as belas e sensuais garotas! Mas ele acerta em cheio quando resolve montar um time de vôlei com essas meninas! Conforme a popularidade delas vai crescendo, Billy quer atrair a multidão não pela beleza e sim pelas suas habilidades. Ele concorda que as beldades também merecem um momento de gloria e respeito, enquanto ele enche o bolso de dinheiro!!! As super estrelas Burt Reynolds e D.L. Hughley estão hilariantes nesta comédia.

The film struck gold domestically when it was released 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in early 2006, became a massive hit in India and, under the name Mell Bedobás, warmed up Eastern Europe.

"Thanks for the news! You guys are fast! You reached me before our production partners did!" said writer-producer Brett Hudson when reached tonight.

"But I must say I'm not surprised that Cloud 9 continues to bring money in from all over the world on a continual basis. It's a testament to the international starpower of Burt Reynolds, one of the last of the classic movie stars and heroes-- and I must say, the script.

"The story of aspiration and triumph over prejudice and adversity, speaks to peoples the world over. And it's really funny, too!"

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