Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Heather Mills falls off her leg

Her artificial leg didn't fly off, but Heather Mills fell on her arse and flashed not only her prosthesis but her knickers as she finished the samba last night on Dancing with The Stars.

The tumble in the final moments served the dual purpose of stirring up audience sympathy and showing she's just a down-to-Earth "charity campaigner." Unfortunately, her involvement in the 40-Year-Old Virgin chest-waxing parody in the lead-in package only brought back memories of her past as an S&M porn model.

But did either influence the judges?

Of course not. They've been grading Heather on a curve from the beginning.

Female judge: "The fact that you fell at the end just reminds me of how amazing it is that you're in this competition because you run that risk every time you get on the floor! I have a to take a point off because you fell...but I so appreciate what you did!"

Old British queen: "I wouldn't take a point off for anything that you did tonight!"

Bruno: "You were in a disco diva mode tonight! Studio 54!"

Three sevens.

(And check out Heather's Sanjaya moment in the audience cutaway shots-- except instead of a crying girl, she gets Florence Henderson from The Brady Bunch.)

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