Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein, Gerald Ford or James Brown?

And this is supposed to be a holiday week? Every time we turn on the TV, there's another dead person! Hooded hangmen! A corpse onstage at the Apollo Theatre! Chevy Chase SNL highlights! It's all too depressing
-- and we're still a day away from Dick Clark on New Year's Rockin Eve!

So let's lighten up with a little quiz! See if you can match the following tributes to the recently deceased person. Saddam Hussein, Gerald Ford or James Brown:

1) "There were people who thought he was strict, too strict."
2) "...Tragic and a reason for sadness."
3) "He just had a personality that I think would override many of the people who might not agree with him."
4) "He was like the tough-love father, the patriarch."
5) "Ronnie and I always considered him a dear friend.”
6) "He said, 'You keep going backward, if you keep going back like that you're going to end up back where I started.'"
7) "I swear to God we were deeply shaken."
8) "We mourn the loss of such a leader."
9) "He just gave up. We were astonished. It was strange. He just gave up."
10) "He was a giant among men and will be greatly missed."

Answers in the comments section...


tabloidbaby said...

Answers to the "Match the tributes to the dead person" Quiz:

1) Ike Turner on James Brown

2) Vatican spokesman Rev Federico Lombardi on Saddam Hussein

3) Bob Dole on Gerald Ford

4) Alan Leeds, James Brown's former tour manager, on James Brown

5) Nancy Reagan on Gerald Ford

6) will.i.am. of the Black Eyed Peas on James Brown

7) Khadejeh Ahmad, a Palestinian refugee in the West Bank, on Saddam Hussein

8) George HW Bush on Gerald Ford

9) Iraq national security adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie on Saddam Hussein

10) Charles Connor, Little Richard's original drummer, on James Brown

Anonymous said...

Celebrity deaths always seem to come in "threes"--what a strange trio this makes. . .three completely different personalities for sure.