Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Malibu magazine prints our post

We've got to get to get the staff going through the magazine stacks a little more thoroughly around here! We picked the November issue of Malibu magazine from a pile in the office last night. It had been lying around for a couple of weeks, we'd guess. Malibu is without question a great local magazine, one that really captures a sense of time and place
-- anyway, we've said that before, back in June when we wrote that the June/July "Birth of Legends" issue of Malibu "may be the finest example of a local magazine ever produced."

And we meant it (the issue was even up for bids on eBay for a while).

Anyway, we were picking through the November issue and saw that they printed our entire post on the Letters page! Thanks, Malibu! You can order the great June/July issue as well as the November issue, the one in which Tabloid Baby meets Malibu magazine, at the Malibu website, which also features some cool music. We'll head up the PCH to grab the latest issue.

So what is it about the magazines out here on the Pacific Ocean beach? Malibu has the best local magazine, and the best celebrity interview and entertainment glossy is a freebie called Venice, which we think is still around. Once again, no kidding.

Check out the Venice website, read some of the articles and see if you don't agree.

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