Monday, November 05, 2007

Amy Fisher is back (and front) with a sex video

Preppie Killer Robert Chambers isn't the only tabloid television poster child to slip back into the headlines all grown up and not a day smarter. Amy Fisher, the disturbed Long Island teenager who went to prison for shooting the wife of her lunkhead boyfriend Joey Buttafuoco, has made various tabloid resurrections in the years since, from her role as a newspaper columnist to her recent fake romance with Buttafuoco in an attenmpt to sell a reality TV series. Now you may have heard that she's starring in an home sex video.

Her husband allegedly sold the tapes to one of the porn outfits that gets regular publicity, promotion and links from the corporate porn-pushing gossip site, TMZ.com. Word's been out for a week or so, but now the pictures are as well-- worth seeing if only to get a load of that belly tattoo. What's up with that?

By the way, those porn guys have a sense of humour. The DVD's called "Amy Fisher: Caught On Tape." Caught on Tape is the old Hard Copy segment that gave Real TV its original title. For the real story about the Long Island Lolita affair, and the first Amy Fisher sex tape (that was acquired by A Current Affair and stolen, infamously and historically, by Hard Copy), back in the early Nineties, we recommend you get a copy of the book Tabloid Baby.


Anonymous said...

Now before we get any irate TMZ fans who scream hypocrite!, look at the point of this post. Back to the earliest days of tabloid... and these sadsacks haven't changed at all... tabloid media, now extended online, exploits these losers with their own cooperation and approval.

Never thought Amy was a genious in waiting, but I'd hoped jail and marriage would make her straighten up. Looks like she's the same old trash blowing in the wind.

Anonymous said...

Jealous loser! Did you see the tape? I did, and it's the best celebrity video out there bar none.Let's take a look at your fat ass and see how well you do!